Medical centre to pay compensation of Dh50,000 after they deformed women’s nose due to medical negligence

A woman's fiance broke up with her shortly before they had planned to get married after a botched Botox procedure that left her with a deformity on her nose. The procedure was held at a Dubai medical centre, said a Dubai Court.

A woman’s fiance broke up with her shortly before they had planned to get married after a botched Botox procedure that left her with a deformity on her nose. The procedure was held at a Dubai medical centre, said a Dubai Court.

The woman, whose name has not been revealed, told judges at the Dubai Civil Court that she also lost her job after the non-surgical procedure held on November 21, 2020.


The Dubai Court was told that doctor injected Botox and fillers in her nose to adjust its shape.

The next day after the surgery, she went back to the centre complaining of swelling and severe headache, and her physician suggested that she use ice packs to lessen the inflammation and numb the pain.

Later, the woman again returned when the pain did not go away and was given two injections and some creams for the soreness.

After two weeks of surgery, she went back to the centre, and the surgeon cleaned the area around her nose after it became a wound.

While she was going back to her home in a taxi, her nose started bleeding heavily, and she asked the taxi driver to take her to the city’s largest government-run hospital, Rashid Hospital, where she was referred to the emergency unit for her treatment.

The woman further said that when her partner ended their relationship, she suffered from depression and had to borrow money from someone to cover her rent and other expenses after she lost her job.


The woman then filed a case against the centre from she got the procedure and asked for Dh400,000 in compensation for physical and emotional damages.

Dubai prosecutors referred her for treatment by a committee of physicians from the Dubai Health Authority.

The committee’s report submitted to the court stated that the physician did not know some technical details related to the Botox procedure, including how substances could be dissolved before it was injected.

The report further said that tissues around the affected area had died because of the doctor’s negligence, which resulted in the development of tissues around her nose that formed a visible scar.

On December 15, last year, judges found the centre responsible for letting the procedure be held without making sure its staff was well qualified and trained.

They asked the doctor and the centre to together pay the woman compensation of Dh50,000, in addition to 5% in interest. They were also asked to pay all legal fees.

Judges at the Appeal Court upheld the judgment on April 28.


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