Dubai Court sentences three men to five years of jail for stealing diamond worth $20m

Three ex-pats have been sentenced to five years of imprisonment in Dubai for a robbery of a diamond that was worth $20 million from a money transport agency.

Three ex-pats have been sentenced to five years of imprisonment in Dubai for a robbery of a diamond that was worth $20 million from a money transport agency.

The Court of Appeal of Dubai has upheld the verdict of the Dubai Criminal Court, which also asked the suspects to pay back the value of the stolen diamond.


The case details go back to 2018 when the accused and two others planned to steal the diamond, which was worth $20 million, from the same company they worked for.

As per the case papers, the accused, who worked for a money transfer firm, planned with his two colleagues to rob the diamond from the safe of the company.

As per the records of investigation, one of the accused, who is an employee at the money transport company, had planned the whole robbery of the diamond piece from the company’s safe with the help of other two colleagues.

They planned to execute the robbery after checking the position of CCTV cameras that were located in the safe, so as to avoid being identified and caught.

The three convicts entered the company with the use of duplicate keys on the day they conducted the crime and then stole the diamond. They tried their best way to take it out by hiding it inside a shoe.

The Dubai Police were able to catch two of the suspects at Dubai International Airport from where they were trying to flee. The Police officials also recovered the diamond from them.


One of the accused is still on the run, and investigations are going on to locate and catch him. The Court has sentenced two of them and one on the run to five years of imprisonment. The three of them will be deported after serving their time in jail.

Tariq Saeed


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