Dubai signs agreement with Singapore to enhance its transportation system

Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates is aspiring assistance from the Singapore government to support the Middle East country in improving the public transportation system of the city.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates is aspiring assistance from the Singapore government to support the Middle East country in improving the public transportation system of the city. To achieve the target, an agreement has been penned down between the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority and an enterprise of Singapore today (Wednesday, April 6, 2022). 

This is a part of the Asian city-state’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

Meanwhile, the statement of the press release of the Roads and Transport Authority asserts that “Dubai will be learning best trading and investment practices of public transport and mobility from its Singaporean counterparts.”  

Along with this, the Roads and Transport Authority is also looking forward to exploring opportunities in terms of direct investment by Singaporean firms.  

The statement of the media release adds, “The Authority had some success pursuing investment in the past time, securing more than $270 million in the year 2020.”  

This agreement seems to have great significance as the transportation facility of Singapore is considered one of the best in the world. 

In addition to this, Emirates airlines of the UAE has made an announcement citing that it will be speeding up its flight services globally to nearly four destinations. 

Dubai Media Office, in its tweet, stated, “@emirates has announced that it will ramp up its global operations with the restart of services to four destinations, including Bali (May 1), London Stansted (August 1), Rio de Janeiro (November 2), and Buenos Aires (November 2).”  

The official website of the – Government of Dubai stated, “The airline has also announced it will boost services to Nigeria, Mauritius & Singapore to serve market demand. In line with the easing of travel restrictions worldwide, Emirates continues to rebuild and expand its global network to meet travel demand.” 

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