Dubai: Police return Dh140, 000 to German traveller who lost it at airport

An officer returned around Dh 140, 000 (€33,600 ) to a German traveller, who lost the money at the Dubai International Airport while travelling.

A nice gesture depicted by the Dubai police! An officer returned around Dh 140, 000 (€33,600 ) to a German traveller, who lost the money at the Dubai International Airport while travelling.

The German traveller, named Siegfried Tellbach, was pleasantly surprised by this gesture of the police of emirates.


According to the preliminary information, at the time when the German flyer was travelling from Germany to Thailand via the Dubai International Airport. He wasn’t aware of the misplacing of the bag and realised that the bag was missing after reaching Thailand.

But his money was returned to him by the Dubai Police at the airport while he was returning to Germany from Thailand.

The acting director of the General Department of the Airport Security, Brig Hamouda Belsuwaida Al Ameri, said, “He wasn’t clear about where he lost his money, in Germany, in Dubai or in Thailand. He informed us that he was shocked after releasing that he has lost such important bags, which contained a large amount of money and documents.”

Later, a Dubai Police officer, while checking the lost and found section, observed the bag and identified its owner. The officer then collected all the details related to the person with the help of Emirates airlines staff.

The director of the general department further said that Mr Tellbach was identified by the police department, and his bag was returned to him while he was going back to Germany.

While expressing his joy, Mr Al Ameri said that he was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as he wasn’t able to figure out where he had lost his luggage.


The traveller thanked the Dubai Police and the airport staff and said that Dubai is one the safest cities worldwide, he added.


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