UAE: Dubai Police organizes Student Innovation Forum 2023, hosts 130 students

United Arab Emirates: Dubai Police Force has recently commemorated Student Innovation Forum as part of the UAE Innovates 2023 edition yesterday, 16th February 2023.

United Arab Emirates: Dubai Police Force has recently commemorated Student Innovation Forum as part of the UAE Innovates 2023 edition yesterday, 16th February 2023.

As per the updates, the forum aimed to boost innovative ideas and drive out-of-the-box thinking in all sectors of society in the country. The Dubai Police held the Student Innovation Forum, which hosted over 130 students, both male and female, who reviewed and gave their opinion on more than 35 innovative projects during the event.


Dubai Police confirmed that the event was held in association with the UAE Innovation Month called UAE Innovates 2023. In addition, the event was organized by the Innovation Council of Dubai Police in cooperation with the General Department of Administrative Affairs in partnership with the Student Council of Dubai Police and Hemaya International Centre.

The UAE Innovates 2023 was held with the main motive of providing a useful platform and opportunity to display their creative skills and ideas through different projects and have them analyzed and assessed by the panel of experts from Hemaya International Centre and Dubai Police Authority.

The event was also an opportunity for students to develop their skills and demonstrate their ability to contribute to the future of the UAE. The innovative projects presented by the students covered a range of fields, including artificial intelligence, renewable energy, robotics, and sustainability.

Colonel Mansour Al Gergawi, Director of the General Department of Administrative Affairs at Dubai Police, emphasized that Dubai Police recognizes the value of promoting innovation among school students, as it plays a crucial role in cultivating a generation capable of driving the process of civilized development in the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, “The UAE places great emphasis on innovation, and Dubai Police is committed to aligning with the initiatives of “UAE Innovates 2023,” a program launched by the UAE government in partnership with executive councils across the country.

Additionally, This program is focused on the pillar of sustainability, which aligns with the UAE’s President’ Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ideology and statement of 2023 as the year of sustainability,” he pointed out.


Lieutenant General and Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, consistently considered the need to showcase full support to the students from Hemaya schools in the Dubai Police force and engage them in targeted activities with other schools across the emirate and the country.

“Dubai Police remains dedicated to supporting and promoting innovation projects in the United Arab Emirates, and the Student Innovation Forum is just one of the other initiatives that the force has implemented to achieve this goal,” Al Gergawi stated. 

Reports claimed that Dubai Police Student Innovation Forum serves as a platform for students from Hemaya schools to interact and collaborate with their peers from seven other participating schools.

Notably, the Innovates 2023 forum was held in the Dubai Police Security Innovation Lab, which provides a dynamic and stimulating environment for students and participants to share their ideas and encourages them to pursue their dreams, aspirations, and future innovations.


Tariq Saeed


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