UAE: Dubai Police Museum records 4,476 visits in 2022, says reports

United Arab Emirates: Dubai Police Museum has recently updated that around 4,476 visitors were welcomed to the premises in 2022. The Dubai Police Department has reported a significant increase in the past year. 

United Arab Emirates: Dubai Police Museum has recently updated that around 4,476 visitors were welcomed to the premises in 2022. The Dubai Police Department has reported a significant increase in the past year. 

As per the reports, the number touched 4,476, which included 3,139 visits virtually via a smart app launched by the Dubai Police. The initiative represents a 20% increase in visitors compared to last year’s total visits, which was reported as a total of 3,698.

In addition, the Dubai Police museum is a well-established first corporate museum affiliated with a government agency of the United Arab Emirates and certified by the Culture of Dubai, which is dedicated to showcasing Dubai Police’s achievements and history. 

The officials have stated that the significant increase in virtual visitors can be attributed and associated with the opportunity and comfort of using the smart app of Dubai Police to be virtually present in the museum.  

On his part, Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Community Happiness at Dubai Police, stated, “We are thrilled and happy to see such a high level of engagement with our museum, both in person and through our virtual platform.”   

“The availability of the smart app built by Dubai Police has allowed us to reach a wider audience and cater for people irrespective of geographical boundaries and offer an immersive, interactive and real experience for visitors of all age groups,” he added.  

Furthermore, Brigadier has conveyed that the department is proud to be the first to be a corporate museum affiliated with a government agency and get certified by the Culture of Dubai. 

The museum documents and exhibits the Force’s history and heritage records of achieved excellence in security and shows the Force’s most prominent accomplishments and innovations said Dubai Police officials.  

Additionally, the museum features a variety of interactive and engaging exhibits, which includes a virtual simulation and assumption of a police chase. A police station replica is also displayed in the museum, along with showcasing historic police uniforms and used equipment.

In the end, Al Mansouri added, “We are constantly working to improve the experience of the visitors and expanding our offerings, and we look forward to welcoming an even large crowd of visitors in the coming year”.



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