UAE Anticipates Slight Relief from Sweltering Heat as Dusty Conditions Persist

The NCM predicts temperatures to drop to 23ºC along the coast, offering a mild relief from the sweltering conditions that have gripped the region in recent weeks. In the mountainous regions, temperatures are expected to dip even further, hovering around 21ºC

National Center of Meteorology Forecasts Fair to Partly Cloudy Weather with Marginal Temperature Drop



In the midst of the UAE’s relentless battle against scorching temperatures, a glimmer of relief emerges on the horizon. 

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted a reprieve from the blistering heat on Saturday, May 18, albeit accompanied by persistent dusty conditions across the region.

According to the latest bulletin issued by the NCM, residents can expect a fair to partly cloudy weather pattern, offering a slight respite from the relentless sun. 

However, the agency cautioned that dust-laden winds will continue to sweep through the Emirates, posing potential challenges for outdoor activities and air quality.

Notably, the coastal areas, particularly in the western region, are poised to experience a marginal decrease in temperature. 

The NCM predicts temperatures to drop to 23ºC along the coast, offering a mild relief from the sweltering conditions that have gripped the region in recent weeks. In the mountainous regions, temperatures are expected to dip even further, hovering around 21ºC.


Conversely, inland cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai are set to endure another day of intense heat, with temperatures soaring up to 39ºC and 38ºC, respectively. 

Despite the slight moderation along the coast, urban hubs continue to grapple with the relentless summer sun, necessitating caution and adequate measures to combat heat-related risks.

Adding to the meteorological dynamics, light to moderate winds are anticipated to sweep across the country, gaining strength during daytime hours. 

These winds, though offering a semblance of coolness, are also likely to exacerbate the prevailing dusty conditions, further impacting visibility and air quality.

Maritime activities are also set to be influenced by the weather patterns, with the Arabian Gulf expected to gradually turn rough by evening. 

In contrast, the Oman Sea is forecasted to maintain slight to moderate conditions, providing some respite for seafarers navigating the waters of the region.

In light of these projections, authorities are urging residents and visitors to remain vigilant and stay updated on the evolving weather conditions. Precautionary measures, including staying hydrated, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, and adhering to traffic advisories in cases of reduced visibility, are strongly advised.

The NCM continues to monitor the weather patterns closely, providing regular updates and advisories to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors in the UAE. 

As the country navigates through the challenging summer months, resilience and preparedness remain paramount in mitigating the impact of extreme weather events.

As the nation braces itself for another day under the relentless sun, the prospect of a slight reprieve offers a glimmer of hope amidst the dusty haze. 

With resilience and collective effort, the UAE remains steadfast in its commitment to weathering the elements and emerging stronger together.


This article was created using automation and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our staff editorial members

Tariq Saeed

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