WhatsApp down causes outpour of compalints by users

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly down in various countries, and users are reporting issues in sending and receiving messages.

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly down in various countries, and users are reporting issues in sending and receiving messages.

Downdetector, a website that tracks such outages, showed a significant spike in reports of an outage worldwide.


As per the website, the Meta-owned app went down a few minutes before noon.

Users from different parts of the world, including India, have complained about the issue on various social media venues such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

WhatsApp appears to be currently facing a global outage at approximately 3:30 pm Malaysian time. WhatsApp users cannot send or receive text or audio messages at the moment, and the app is just showing the “Connecting.”

According to DownDetector, there’s a spike in WhatsApp outages reported in the last few minutes. Users from across the globe, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, Brunei, Dubai, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Nigeria, have also reported issues with WhatsApp.

Residents reliant on WhatsApp groups to receive news should take note that Downdetector, a website which tracks online outages across the world, has shown a sharp spike in the number of users reporting WhatsApp’s outage during the past 24 hours.

The Mossel Bay Municipality request residents who are part of our social media page to share information and news update with those who are not until the WhatsApp distribution groups are fully active again.



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