Egyptian govt cancels religious event of Sayyida Zaynab Mawlid amid pandemic

Following the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East country, the government authorities have cancelled the significant religious festival, which commemorates the birth of the Prophet Mohammed's granddaughter Zaynab bint Ali.

Cairo, Egypt: Following the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East country, the government authorities have cancelled the significant religious festival, which commemorates the birth of the Prophet Mohammed’s granddaughter Zaynab bint Ali. The announcement was made on Tuesday.

The event, often called Sayyida Zaynab Mawlid, takes place on the last Tuesday of the Islamic month of Rajab every year, which falls on March 1 this year. The decision has been taken as the Middle East country enters into the third year of the novel coronavirus and to ensure public safety.


Thousands of Muslims each year pay a visit to Egypt to celebrate the event and visit the tomb of Zaynab.

“The main square of the area’s famed mosque, under which Zaynab is believed to have been buried, will allow visitors on the day of the mawlid”, the district of Sayyida Zaynab cited in its statement.

The Egyptian government has been postponing or cancelling the mass public gathering events in order to reduce the transmission of the deadliest COVID-19 virus.

As per the current COVID-19 containment measures, indoor weddings and funerals remain banned in the Middle East state.

Although the district authorities have hinted towards the possibility of organizing a small-scale event to celebrate the occasion during the ongoing year, adding that the discussions are underway for the same.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak in Egypt, more than 473,000 confirmed cases of the virus has been recorded by healthcare facilities so far. A total of 23,857 individuals lost their lives to the contagious virus, according to the official data.


The vaccination rate in Egypt for partially vaccinated individuals stands at around 39.2%. On the other hand, about 28.8% of the total Egyptian population has received their required number of COVID vaccine jabs and are now fully vaccinated.

Nearly 0.8% of the total Egyptian eligible population has taken their booster shots.


Tariq Saeed

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