UAE records 331 fresh COVID cases

United Arab Emirates recorded a total of additional 331 cases of the deadly COVID-19 virus today (March 18, 2022, Friday), according to the data shared by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: United Arab Emirates recorded a total of additional 331 cases of the deadly COVID-19 virus today (March 18, 2022, Friday), according to the data shared by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. 

Along with these additional cases, the Middle East nation recorded a total of 1,048 COVID recoveries. Although, no new COVID-19 related fatality has been reported at the health facilities today in UAE. 


The arrival of fresh infections brings the overall count of the active COVID-19 cases in the United Arab Emirates to 28,323, as of Friday, March 18; meanwhile, the total number of confirmed novel coronavirus infections have increased to 887,015. 

The total number of the COVID-19 patients who recovered from the viral disease in the United Arab Emirates has hiked to 856,390. As no additional death reported, the death rate of the Middle East country remains at 2,302, as per the data shared by the ministry of health. 

The health ministry further notified, till now, more than 143.8 million RT-PCR tests of COVID have been conducted at the testing sites and healthcare facilities in UAE. 

UAE is among the list of countries having a higher rate of COVID-19 vaccination. To date, in the United Arab Emirates, there are a total of 9,890,249 individuals who have taken their at least first dose of the vaccines and are partially vaccinated, which is almost 100% of “targeted” population. 

On the other hand, 9,573,761 citizens of the country have taken their recommended number of the COVID-19 vaccines and are fully vaccinated against the deadliest virus and are fully immunized against the virus. This number of individuals represents around 96.8% of the total population, as per figures. 

There are 4,892,706 fully vaccinated individuals who have also taken their third shot, that is, booster jab of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines, as of March 17, 2022. 



Tariq Saeed

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