Parkin Company Expands Operations in Dubai with New Parking Space Agreement

This four-year agreement marks a crucial step in Parkin's growth strategy, positioning the company for enhanced revenue and showcasing its technological and operational capabilities

Dubai, UAE – Parkin Company, a leading provider in parking management and enforcement, has secured a significant deal to operate and manage over 7,000 parking spaces across six key neighborhoods in Dubai.

This four-year agreement marks a crucial step in Parkin’s growth strategy, positioning the company for enhanced revenue and showcasing its technological and operational capabilities.


Under the terms of the new agreement, Parkin will oversee 7,456 parking spaces, including the authority to issue fines for non-compliance with parking regulations.

This move comes after a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) that has bolstered the company’s resources and facilitated its expansion plans.

Eng Mohamed Abdulla Al Ali, CEO of Parkin, highlighted the importance of this agreement in the company’s trajectory.

“While our developer-owned parking segment currently accounts for less than 10% of total revenues, paid parking in private developer areas represents a significant growth opportunity for Parkin”.

“This partnership offers the chance to demonstrate our operational excellence, technological know-how, and enforcement capability for which our business is renowned,” said Al Ali.

The new parking locations will be operational from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday, and will feature premium spots with higher fees. The implementation process will involve substantial civil work, including the installation of parking meters, signage, road markings, and bollards.


Parkin aims to complete the full operation, management, and enforcement setup by the end of the next month.

The expansion comes at a pivotal time for Parkin. Earlier this year, the company announced a decrease in the number of developer-owned parking spaces it manages, from approximately 17,800 to around 10,000.

This reduction was primarily due to a change in terms with a developer in the Al Sufouh area, where off-street spaces previously managed by Parkin were reallocated to serve the developer’s commercial tenants.

However, the new agreement offsets this reduction, maintaining the number of developer-owned spaces at levels similar to the end of 2023.

This stability is vital for Parkin as it navigates changes in the market and continues to build its presence in strategic locations across Dubai.

Residents and visitors in these key neighborhoods can expect a more structured parking system, with clear regulations and the convenience of premium parking options.

The introduction of these additional spaces is likely to alleviate parking congestion and enhance the overall urban experience in these areas.

Parkin’s enhanced management capabilities and enforcement mechanisms are set to ensure compliance and optimize the use of parking spaces.

The company’s technological advancements, including modern parking meters and efficient enforcement protocols, will contribute to smoother operations and user satisfaction.

As Parkin continues to expand, the company remains committed to leveraging its expertise to create efficient, user-friendly parking solutions.

The success of this agreement will likely set a precedent for future expansions and partnerships, solidifying Parkin’s reputation as a leader in the parking management industry.

For residents and stakeholders, this development promises an improved parking infrastructure and highlights Dubai’s ongoing efforts to enhance urban living standards.

With Parkin at the helm, the future of parking management in Dubai looks promising and poised for continued growth.


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Tariq Saeed

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