Abu Dhabi: Minor dies after being in locked car for long time

Abu Dhabi: A child suffocated and died after his father forgot him inside the car for a long time as a result of his father being busy with a work-related phone call.

Abu Dhabi: A child suffocated and died after his father forgot him inside the car for a long time as a result of his father being busy with a work-related phone call.

Captain Engineer Mohammed Hamad Al-Esai from the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police stated that the father was returning home with the child, and because he was busy with a phone call related to his work, the child’s father got off the vehicle and went up to his house, forgetting his child behind him inside the vehicle, during the day during which Usually the temperatures are high.


The father remained at home for a period of time until he returned to the vehicle again to find his child inside the vehicle, unconscious and dead.

Captain Engineer Mohammed Hamad Al-Esai said that leaving children in vehicles is a very dangerous matter, which may have dire consequences, affecting their physical safety or their lives due to the lack of oxygen that occurs as a result of heat lockup factors, especially since the country witnessed a rise in temperatures in the summer. The heat, adding, “We hope that all members of society take a lesson from such incidents, which contributes to avoiding such unfortunate incidents.”

And he indicated that the dangers of leaving children alone in the vehicle without their guardian might, in other cases, cause traffic accidents if the child tampers with the vehicle by moving its transmission, which in turn works to move the vehicle, and thus the possibility of causing an accident. Traffic accident.

Regarding the penalties approved by the law in the event that parents have neglected their children, Captain Engineer Mohammed Hamad Al-Essai stated that the “Wadeema” Child Protection Law included articles and texts that toughen penalties for anyone whose neglect and failure to take the necessary precautions endanger the life of the child, whether Whether his guardian or one of his parents to imprisonment or a fine.

He called on all members of society and the children’s families to ensure that children get off vehicles and make sure that they are free of any people before locking and leaving the vehicle, whether they are going to the house or shopping centres.

He noted that the law included articles that penalize parents if they commit violations against their children while the vehicle is on the roads, including a fine of 400 dirhams in addition to 4 traffic points, in addition to a release fee of 5,000 dirhams, for each person who allows children under the age of ten to sit. In the front seats, a fine of 400 dirhams is a fine for not providing protection seats for children aged four years and under.

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