4 individuals sentenced to 6 months for stealing license plates

The Dubai Police authorities commenced probing into the matter and were successful in detaining all the defendants. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Four Asians have been sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment for stealing the number plates of a parked vehicle by the criminal court of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The incident happened in Dubai’s Al Bida area.  

The Dubai Police authorities commenced probing into the matter and were successful in detaining all the defendants. 


As per the revelation made by the investigation done by the Public Prosecution, all of the four accused planned to steal the license plates of the parked vehicles so that they could further put them on other vehicles to sell the alcohol in an illegal way.   

During the interrogation, all of the accused admitted their crime of stealing the license plates and further using them in an illegal way, according to the information shared by the Dubai Police.  

In another incident, four individuals were sentenced to imprisonment, in addition to a fine of Dh270,000, on the charges of stealing and exporting a car illegally. 

The report informs that Gulf national rented a Cadillac for two days via rental service in return for a deposit worth Dh5,000 and Dh1,500 for the car. The individual did not return the car in between the allotted time, following which the company tried to get in touch with the individual. 

Meanwhile, an employee of a vehicle monitoring company acquired in touch with the man from the rental company to notify him about the location of a car, adding that the tracking device had been removed from the car. 

The car’s location was found near a land port in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company immediately informed the police, which then stopped the vehicle at the border from being illegally exported. 


Though, if one is stealing a license plate in UAE, then he can land in jail for a lifetime, as per the law. 



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