African tourist arrested with 12.5kg of Marijuana at Dubai International Airport

The high-security sense backed by the most cutting-edge screening technologies enabled Dubai Customs inspectors to prevent the smuggling 12.5kg of marijuana at Dubai International Airport.

The high-security sense backed by the most cutting-edge screening technologies enabled Dubai Customs inspectors to prevent the smuggling 12.5kg of marijuana at Dubai International Airport.

One African passenger was carrying the consignment and was caught by Dubai International Airport customs at the Airport.


Inspection officers at the Passenger Operations Department at Dubai International Airport identified the suspicious bags after they passed the X-ray machines, which revealed their abnormal density.

The bags were explored manually, and the marijuana, which was hidden skilfully in the inner lining of the bags, was discovered and seized.

Two plastic bags were containing around 2.9kg and 2.7kg of marijuana which were hidden in the first bag of the African passenger, and the second bag had two packets inside, which contained 3.4kg and 3.5kg of marijuana. The total weight was 12.5kg.

In a statement, Ibrahim Kamali, Director of the Passenger Operations Department, added, “These seizures reflect the integration and full coordination between the various customs units at the Dubai International Airport and the quick response to thwart any smuggling attempts and prevent the entry of narcotics as part of Dubai Customs’ vision to lead safe customs worldwide.”

The operation started when one of the inspection officers suspected the luggage of a passenger coming from an African country. At the inspection area, the passenger was asked if he had anything to disclose, but he said there was nothing to disclose.

Al-Kamali applauded the inspection officers for their efficiency.”




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