After Rape Left her Pregnant; Lady Gaga in Total Psychotic Break!!

Pop musician Lady Gaga once told that she suffered a “total psychotic break” after being raped and was also impregnated by a music producer who took advantage of her when she was just about 19 years old. In an episode of Oprah Winfrey & Prince Harry’s new document series, out Friday on Apple TV+, she unveiled the trauma she has experienced since a producer ordered her to take her clothes off at the start of her entertainment career.

“I said, ‘No,’ & I left, and they told me they were going to burn all my music,” recollected Lady Gaga, recognized in the series by her original name, Stefani Germanotta. She then continued saying that the experience taught her that “a girl child is not yet safe in a world full of men. “The patron had first announced being raped back in 1986.


While living in an “ultra-state of paranoia,” Lady Gaga said she frequently caused self-harm and contemplated to take her own life. Ultimately, the validating experience of winning an Oscar for her work in 2018’s “A Star Is Born” kicked off her slow healing process.

“It is a very real thing to feel like there is a black cloud that’s watching you wherever you go, showing you that you are worthless and deserve to die,” she stated. “And you know why it is not good to cut? Do you know why it is bad to throw yourself against the wall? Because the main reason is that it makes you feel worse.” Gaga declared her healing process has seen a “slow rise” over these years. “And even if I have six brilliant months, all it takes is to get triggered once to feel bad thinking about hanging, wondering if I am ever gonna do it.”

In a similar style, each installment of Apple TV+‘s “The Me You Can’t See” focus on a different person & explores their mental health journey.


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