UAE: Wearing masks is no longer mandatory from Wednesday, Except few places

NCEMA, The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, on Monday announced that wearing protective face masks for COVID19 norms is not mandatory from September 28.

NCEMA, The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, on Monday announced that wearing protective face masks for COVID19 norms is not mandatory from September 28.
The authority not only made this announcement to ease the COVID19 norms for people but also added the areas where wearing protective face masks is still mandatory.
  Wearing masks in schools is still mandatory. The government authorities expressed concern about the children who come to school daily. In order to ensure a proper safe, sanitized environment in schools, the students and staff still have to wear protective face masks for COVID19.
Wearing masks onboard flights will no longer be mandatory, but airlines can enforce the rule if necessary. All food service providers, coronavirus patients and suspected cases must wear masks.
          Official Spokesperson of NCEMA, Dr Saif Al Dhaheri, during a special media briefing on COVID-19 updates on Monday, revealed that Green Pass validity for the     vaccinated has been extended for one month, while the social distance rule at mosques has been eased starting September 28.
     People suffering from COVID-19 infections must wear masks at home or at a medical facility.
 The UAE will stop announcing daily COVID-19 cases, and updates will only be available on the Ministry of Health and Prevention, NCEMA and the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics website Authority.
During the announcement, the authority added, “We are still at the phase of recovery, as the virus is still there. We need to continue to abide by preventive measures.” The next phase requires us all to stick to the authorities’ shared responsibility and awareness.
Easing restrictions comes after the continuous follow-up on the epidemiological situation and the registration of zero deaths, and a significant decline in daily reported cases.


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