Apple Announced the Date to Take a First Look at Upcoming iOS 15!!

As promised this Jan, Apple delivers AppTrackingTransparency (ATT), its latest privacy framework, this month, besides the imminent iOS 14.5 updates. While these changes give Apple users more excellent progress over their data, AppTrackingTransparency poses a range of new and unexplored challenges for sponsors. 

Did Apple finalize the date for iOS 15?

iOS 15


Apple has recently declared the date regarding when to take a first look at the upcoming iOS 15. It probably will be happening during WWDC from June 7 to June 11. Even though there’s a lot of time left, the leak searchers succeeded in finding exciting news that will light on the future innovation in iOS 15. Hence, a possible redesign of the control center is to be reported, which will use a minimalistic form from the recent macOS Big Sur update.

Rather than drawing back the Home button, Jioriku insists that Apple intends to build an ID sensor iTouch into the glass screen of future phones, which means that we’ll lose access to Touch ID if we replace the screen.

Clearly, Jioriku stated that “Touch ID made the closing cut on the iPhone 13.” Nevertheless, he adds that “it does not mean it is guaranteed to come. It only means Apple approved it.”

Following the display’s theme, two more important iPhone 13 went for internal approval; 120 Hz and Always On Display. A high refresh rate was quoted in leaks previously, and it is tied to an LTPO panel with a variable rate of 1-120 Hz. As for AOD, the iPhone’s function works in the same way as the Apple Watch; there will be more complicated settings than just displaying the time and notification icons.

But what is AppTrackingTransparency anyway?

In iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14, when a user opens an app that uses third-party cross-app tracking, they will be getting a pop-up notification asking if we want to track your activity across third-party apps. The pop-up enables us to understand – and control – which apps track them across other apps. If a user doesn’t opt-in, the OS prohibits the app from cross-tracking that user across other third-party apps. So, in essence, the stag stops there.

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