Billionaire Bling: Prices of luxurious homes by Wentworth Estate to be doubled by the end of 2024

The estate has several luxurious homes, which are owned by celebrities. The renowned personalities, who pay the highest taxes, reside at the mansion of this glorious location.

News by ZEBVO: They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can indeed buy ultra-luxurious and mega homes. We adore our favourite celebrities who live their lives in the lap of luxury. Most celebrities’ lives revolve around expensive cars, designer clothes, and tons of fan following on social media platforms.

When it comes to real estate, most celebrities possess multi-million dollar and mega-mansions. Their mansions are all about ultra-luxury, super pools, big gaming rooms and plenty of opulence stuff.


One such property is in England’s most famous Wentworth Estate. The estate has several luxurious homes, which are owned by celebrities. The renowned personalities, who pay the highest taxes, reside at the mansion of this glorious location.

The Wentworth Estate, mostly known as the Beverly Hills of the UK, is a non-public estate of large houses, expanded across the seven sq. kilometres woodland, Runnymede, Surrey.

Some of the contemporary homes situated in Wentworth Estate are at sale for £20 million respectively. Each of the luxurious mansions has been built in five acres of private woodland.

There is one more reason why you should invest in these splendid properties. The luxurious homes have been situated near Virginia Water, Surrey and are not far from Windsor Castle. Wentworth Golf Club is just a stone’s throw from the estate, which witnessed famous players like Rory McIlroy and Colin Montgomerie every year.


The world-class and five-star amenities are high in demand due to their locations, and because of this, the prices of these ultra-luxurious are soaring. Some of the mega-mansions in the region range between £80 million and £90 million.

Reportedly, by the end of the year 2024 or at the beginning of 2025, the prices would be doubled compared to their current prices, i.e. the prices may get as far as £160 million to £180 million, considering the popularity.

The estates offer different mansions, all about sophisticated features such as hand-woven carpets and Spanish limestone flooring. The villas have magnificent eight bedrooms and ten reception rooms if we talk about the features. The rooms at the estate will also have a library, massive sauna and steam room, fitness centre with pool and resort-style spa.

To boot, these properties are also facilitated with all the possible comforts, including a world-class cinema, a billiard room, and a 1,500 sq ft party room equipped with open subwoofers and high-level audio speakers.

It also has a garage of around 2,200 sq ft for a fleet of cars.

These lavishing properties are located at a great place concerning good school. They are also a good choice for international buyers as they are built near Heathrow and London.

Celebrities in this ultra-luxurious estate include TV star Bruce Forsyth, F1 supremo Eddie Jordan, singer Gary Numan, and golfer Ernie El. Meanwhile, the celebs that have left this lap of luxury include Sir Elton John and Sir Cliff Richard.


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