WHO asks countries to be vigilant about pandemic, as testing rate in many countries decreases

"These increases are occurring despite reductions in testing in some countries, which means the cases we're seeing are just the tip of the iceberg".  

World: Authorities of the World Health Organisation on Tuesday notified that, as per statics, there is a global surge in the COVID-19 infections, which indicates a “bigger problem” as in several countries, the testing numbers are witnessing a fall. With this, WHO warned the countries to be aware and be vigilant of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The international health agency emphasized that the previous week saw a hike in the reporting of new COVID-19 infections after the infection rate fell down for over a month globally. WHO officials further said that ease in the containment measures of the novel coronavirus as well as high transmissibility in the Omicron variant and its BA.2 sub-variants is the reason behind last week’s massive hike.  


WHO authorities have also stated the lower vaccination rate of some countries, misinformation regarding vaccination, and vaccine-hesitancy among the reasons, following which the world witnessed a rise in the novel coronavirus infections. 

Director-General of the World Health Organization – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in conversation with the media personnel, stated, “These increases are occurring despite reductions in testing in some countries, which means the cases we’re seeing are just the tip of the iceberg”.  

The highest increase was seen in the Western Pacific region of WHO, including nations such as – South Korea and China. The infection rate in the aforementioned region increased by 25%, and deaths rose by 27%. 

In the African region, there was a 12% rise in fresh COVID-19 cases and a 14% rise in deaths. 

Meanwhile, Maria Van Kerkhove of the World Health Organization highlighted that, the BA.2 sub-variant of the COVID-19 is the dominating and most transmissible variant so far. 

Additionally, Antonella Viola – professor of immunology at the Italy’s University of Padua, stated, “I agree with the easing of restrictions because you can’t think of it as an emergency after two years. We just have to avoid thinking that Covid is no longer there. And therefore maintain the strictly necessary measures, which are essentially the continuous monitoring and tracking of cases, and the maintenance of the obligation to wear a mask in closed or very crowded places.”



Tariq Saeed


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