UAE’s 1000-square-metre field hospital initiates operations in Afghanistan

A 1000-square-metre field hospital has started operations in Afghanistan to help the victims of the earthquake crisis.

A 1000-square-metre field hospital has started operations in Afghanistan to help the victims of the earthquake crisis.

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates sent the hospital as part of the wide-ranging relief support package that was sent to Afghanistan since a massive earthquake struck its land last month.


The aid hospital comprises of 75 beds and 20 oxygen cylinders along with two operating theatres and will also contribute to a rapid medical response unit for those who got severely injured and needs urgent medical assistance.

The UAE ambassador to Afghanistan, Eisa Aldhaheri, stated that establishing the field hospital comes as part of the Emirates’ efforts to react to challenges and provide quick medical intervention as well as life-saving treatment to those in difficult-to-reach areas most impacted by the earthquake.

Many aid shipments have been delivered to Afghanistan from the UAE since the President of the country, Sheikh Mohamed, ordered an air bridge to be established to give relief after the last month’s disaster.

Around 1150 people were killed due to the strong earthquake, as per the official figures. On the other hand, more than 2000 people got injured, and around 10000 houses were partially or entirely destroyed in the disaster. It is being assumed that thousands of more people in Afghanistan will require rapid medical intervention and continued care.

A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck southeastern Afghanistan on June 22, which caused a massive disaster in the country. The Taliban government has appealed for international help for the rescue effort as pictures showed landslides and destroyed mud-built homes in the province of Paktika.

This earthquake is the deadliest ever recorded in Afghanistan in the last two decades and is a significant challenge for the new Taliban government, which regained power the previous year after the collapse of the Western-backed government.



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