Dutch Footballer Quincy Promes Arrested Again in Dubai

Promes, a former Ajax player, had been initially detained late last month in connection with a hit-and-run car crash. However, his troubles escalate due to a drug trafficking conviction in February in his home country, making him a wanted man

Dutch footballer Quincy Promes finds himself back in the spotlight, this time not for his exploits on the field but for his legal entanglements.

The 32-year-old athlete, considered a fugitive in the Netherlands, was arrested once again in Dubai on the grounds of an urgent bulletin issued by Dutch authorities via INTERPOL.


Promes, a former Ajax player, had been initially detained late last month in connection with a hit-and-run car crash. However, his troubles escalate due to a drug trafficking conviction in February in his home country, making him a wanted man.

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) confirmed that Promes was apprehended based on a Red Notice issued by the Netherlands.

The footballer, who was preparing to leave the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when he was caught at Dubai airport, had been granted temporary freedom while awaiting legal proceedings.

However, authorities acted swiftly, taking him back into custody with the cooperation of both Dutch and Emirati authorities.

This latest development marks another chapter in Promes’ legal saga. In December 2020, he was arrested after allegedly stabbing his cousin during a family gathering, though he never appeared in court for this incident.

Subsequently, he was convicted in absentia for importing 1,362 kilograms of cocaine and was sentenced to six years in prison.


Promes’ disregard for the legal process in the Netherlands seems apparent, as he flaunted his freedom on social media, posting images of himself enjoying the nightlife of Dubai.

Such actions have drawn criticism from Dutch prosecutors, who condemned his apparent lack of remorse for his criminal convictions.

Despite being sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for the assault on his cousin, Promes remains intent on appealing the verdict.

His legal troubles have not deterred his football career entirely, as he had joined Spartak Moscow in Russia after departing Ajax.

Rumours abound regarding Promes’ future, with speculation suggesting a swift return to Spartak Moscow following his potential release from custody.

Reports also suggest that Russian officials may be pressuring UAE authorities for his release, highlighting the complexities of international legal cooperation.

The extradition of Promes to the Netherlands could signal a test of the recently ratified extradition treaty between the Netherlands and the UAE.

This treaty, approved by the Dutch parliament in 2022, aims to facilitate the transfer of individuals wanted for criminal offences between the two countries.

The case of Quincy Promes underscores the challenges posed by international legal proceedings, especially concerning high-profile individuals involved in sports.

As legal proceedings unfold, the footballer’s future remains uncertain, with extradition proceedings likely to dominate discussions in the coming days.

For now, Promes awaits further legal action in Dubai, where the outcome of his extradition remains to be seen.

Tariq Saeed


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