Woman Sentenced to Two Months Imprisonment and Fined Dh3,000 for Assault in Fujairah Residential Building

In response, the victim, alarmed by the woman's aggressive behaviour, threatened to involve law enforcement. This, however, further escalated the situation, leading to a physical assault

Fujairah: In a recent ruling, the Fujairah Federal Court has handed down a two-month prison sentence and a Dh3,000 fine to a woman convicted of assaulting a man in a residential building. 

The victim, who suffered injuries that left him unable to work for over 20 days, filed a police complaint detailing the unprovoked attack.


According to the victim’s account, the assailant confronted him as he entered his residential building, verbally assaulting him without apparent cause. 

In response, the victim, alarmed by the woman’s aggressive behaviour, threatened to involve law enforcement. This, however, further escalated the situation, leading to a physical assault.

The victim promptly reported the incident to the police, prompting an investigation that initially saw the accused admitting to the charges. 

However, she later retracted her statements during the course of the inquiry, denying any wrongdoing. 

In a counter-narrative, the accused alleged that the victim initiated the altercation as she returned from the market, asserting that she was compelled to defend herself in the building’s elevator, resulting in scratches to the man’s face.

The court, presiding over the case in absentia, delivered a verdict based on the evidence presented, taking into account the victim’s statements and the accused’s initial admission to scratching the man’s face. 


Despite the accused’s subsequent denial and her claims of self-defence, the court expressed confidence in the established facts, leaving no room for doubt regarding her culpability.

The man, who suffered injuries including scratches on the right side of his face, forehead, left ear, and neck, presented a medical examination form confirming the extent of his injuries. 

The court, satisfied with the evidence, applied the legally prescribed judicial fee in addition to the imprisonment and fine.

This case highlights the legal consequences of assault, even in the absence of provocation, and underscores the importance of accountability in maintaining public safety. 

The ruling serves as a reminder that individuals resorting to physical violence may face stringent legal repercussions, as demonstrated by the firm stance taken by the Fujairah Federal Court in delivering justice in this instance.


This article was created using automation technology and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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