Lynn Spears states that Britney’s relationship with Jamie “Dwindled to Nothing But Fear and Hatred!”

Lynn Spears, mother of Britney Spears, backed up her daughter by making some some eye-opening revelations against her ex-husband and Britney’s father, Jamie Spears.

Britney Spears, who is currently fighting a battle for her freedom from the brutal legal conservatorship arrangement. The whole process becomes more painful for the singer as one of her conservator keeping control of her entire life is he own father Jamie Spears. In fact, Britney also demanded the court to remove her father as her conservator, which is supported by her mother Lynn Spears, who stated that she would testify as witness.


In an interview with TMZ on Sunday, Lynn told that Britney is doing fine amid this legal battle against her “abusive” conservatorship.

On a legal document filed on Monday, Lynn revealed the wrongdoings of Jamie against Britney under conservatorship. She stated that 69-year-old Jamie is “incapable of putting his daughter’s interests ahead of his own.”

Britney’s mother said, “I became involved in this conservatorship during what I will term a ‘time of crisis’ that began at the end of 2018 and continued into 2019.” She stated that herself she got involved in the arrangement when she realized that the conservatorship was not in Britney’s “best interests.”

Additionally, Lynn stated that Jamie had “absolute control” over Britney’s wealth and healthcare decisions.. In the document, Lynn has also stated the incident when Jamie hired a “sports enhancement doctor,” who, according to Lynn, prescribed her “entirely inappropriate medicines” which Britney “did not want to take.”

Other than that, the singer was also forced by her conservator father to go into a mental health facility against her will in early 2019. Britney was “threatened with punishment if she did not stay for medical treatment,” stated Lynn.

Lynn wrote that Britney felt “nothing but fear and hatred.” It was because of “his mistrust of her, his coercion of her, his ‘bartering’ with her over what she can and cannot do for whatever reward or punishment he is willing to mete out, his constant threats, and his decision-making over all aspects of her life.”


According to Lynn, there was a specific breaking point that injured the father-daughter relationship badly.  She said, “Of the actions that solidified the failure of my daughter’s and Mr. Spears’ relationship, the physical altercation between Mr. Spears and [Britney’s] minor children, my grandchildren, was perhaps the most appalling and inexcusable, and understandably destroyed whatever was left of a relationship between them.”


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