Daily Vlogger ‘Hels on Wheels’ shares experience of cycling to Sinaw

Hels on Wheels shared her experience cycling for 73 KM to small Middle Eastern town, Sinaw.

Hels on Wheels shared her experience cycling for 73 KM to small Middle Eastern town, Sinaw.

While sharing her experience on Facebook, she wrote:-


A surprisingly sweaty night in the little abandoned house next to the mud ruins. The pre-dawn call to prayer woke me (I recently learned the line “prayer is better than sleep” is added to the early morning version of the song).

I was glad of the early start; this morning, I was visiting Sinaw Souq. At its finest on Thursdays today, the camel souq was empty, but the fish market was vibrant, and I met some friendly men who dressed me up in the Omani ceremonial knife belt.

Hels on Wheels shared her experience cycling for 73 KM to small Middle Eastern town, Sinaw.
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With plenty of time ahead, I was aiming for Birkat Al Mawz. I stopped for tea and paratha at a service station, but otherwise, the highway was uninteresting.

And so I cut a corner on what turned out to be about 10 km of increasingly deep sandy gravel track just as I was losing patience though I was reunited with the bitumen. Hungry now and eager for snacks, I was dismayed to find the convenience store closed.

But the adjacent mosque, as well as providing shade and icy cold water, also offered a table of dates and hot coffee in flasks! How this extraordinary custom is not better known in the wider world is a mystery to me. Hereon it will be one of the first things I tell people about Oman.


Heading north an unfriendly headwind picked up which, on top of the dirt road put me behind schedule. I could’ve stopped early of course but I wanted to complete the distance having big plans for tomorrow.

And so after sunset I was still pedalling up and down palm tree-lined alleys in the rapidly fading light in search of a camp. Almost out of light an open space which may have been a wadi floor was my last option before dark. Because of how safe Oman feels I had no qualms pitching the tent with the light on.


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