Dubai ranks 7th in world as safest family-friendly vacation destination list

Dubai has ranked seventh in the world's safest family-friendly vacation destination list, as per a report by the Family Vacation Guide released on Tuesday, 7 June.

Dubai has ranked seventh in the world’s safest family-friendly vacation destination list, as per a report by the Family Vacation Guide released on Tuesday, 7 June.

The travel guide has analysed multiple ranges of variables such as family-friendly accommodation and overall safety as if choosing the top 10 safest destinations for a family-friendly vacation in the world.

As per the research, Dubai scored a rating of 6.76/10 in family safety.

The emirate has more than 23% of family-friendly accommodations/restaurants, around 18% of child-family restaurants and more than 30% of child-friendly activities and attractions.

The best destinations for family-friendly housing during vacation are Orlando, United States, with 58.93 percent of family-friendly hotels, followed by Las Vegas, NV, United States, with 28.73 per cent of Family-friendly Hotels and Rome, Italy, with 28.34 per cent of family-friendly Hotels.

The most suitable vacation destinations for family-friendly dining out are Florence, Italy, with 48.36 percent of family-friendly restaurants, which is then followed by Venice, Italy, with 44.94 percent of family-friendly restaurants and Rome, Italy, with 40.7 percent of family-friendly diners.

The perfect vacation destinations for family-friendly activities are Pattaya, Thailand, with 35.5 percent of family-friendly activities, which is then followed by Heraklion, Greece, with 34.01 per cent of family-friendly activities and Orlando, with 33.93 per cent of family-friendly activities.

This year, in April, Dubai was recognised as the number one destination for family holidays in a survey in the world by travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip.

The data noted the quality of family hotels, beaches and attractions, general safety and even the number of ocean currents and Dubai was given a good rating of 7.42 out of 10, heeded by Colombo, Turks & Caicos, Barbados and Corfu, Greece.

Dubai has also been witnessing a rise in a number of visitors since the beginning of this year, and being the safest family-friendly vacation spot is one of the major reasons behind it.


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