First time in history: Drug trial dominates and washes away cancer from every patient

The world may be soon cured of a dreadful disease of cancer as a clinical drug trial conducted in New York City, USA, saw complete remission of rectal cancer in every single patient.

The world may be soon cured of a dreadful disease of cancer as a clinical drug trial conducted in New York City, USA, saw complete remission of rectal cancer in every single patient.

Eighteen patients who have rectal cancer in New York took a drug named Dostarlimab for almost six months, and to everyone’s shock, the cancers vanished entirely from their bodies. All the patients were in similar stages of cancer.


Rectal cancer treatments like radiation, chemotherapy and invasive surgery run the chances of urinary, bowel and sexual dysfunction. The patients who went into the trial expected to suffer these risks.

However, to everyone’s surprise, no further treatment was needed after they took the drug trial.

Dr Luis A. Diaz J. from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where the trial was held, stated that this was the first time this had happened in human life history.

As per the experts, Dostarlimab is a drug comprising laboratory-produced molecules. It serves as a substitute for antibodies in the human body.

After the trial, cancer in the patients’ bodies remained undetectable through physical exams, PET scans or MRI scans or even endoscopy.

A colorectal cancer specialist, working at the University of California who was not involved in the drug trial, Dr Alan P. Venook, said that the entire disappearance of every single patient involved in the drug trial has never been heard. He was also shocked to know that there were no clinically significant complications in any of these patients.


Oncologist Dr Andrea Cercek said, “There were a lot of happy tears,” while describing the moment patients discovered that they were cancer-free.

Cancer researchers who reviewed the drug also said that the treatment and medicine look good, but a larger-scale trial is required.

The drug trial results were “shocking” and have shown hope for billions around the globe. As per the World Health Organisation, around 10 million people died in 2020. This amounted to cancer being accountable for nearly one in six deaths.


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