‘Dubai Can’ initiative causes decline in use of single-use plastic water bottles

An ambitious recycling drive in the emirate, the 'Dubai Can' initiative, has caused in a decline in usage of over one million 500ml single-use plastic water bottles.

An ambitious recycling drive in the emirate, the ‘Dubai Can’ initiative, has caused in a decline in usage of over one million 500ml single-use plastic water bottles.

This has been announced by the officials as the world observes World Oceans Day and comes 100 days after the announcement of the campaign by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, which motivates people to carry refillable water bottles and use free public water fountains around the city.


Authorities stated that they wanted to make a ‘cultural shift’ in the mindset of citizens.

The ‘Dubai Can’ initiative has caused a decline in usage of an equivalent of 1.077 million single-use plastic water bottles, with more than 538,737 liters of water being taken by Dubai’s residents and tourists from Dubai Can water fountains around the city.

There are already several water fountains around popular destinations, public parks, and attractions around the emirate and ‘Dubai Can’ is on the path to meeting the campaign’s vow of installing 50 fountains around the end of this year.

Authorities further said that the water from Dubai Can fountains is clean, filtered, desalinated, safe to consume, and like that found in any plastic bottle.

Dubai Can is also part of the United Arab Emirate’s commitment to meet the goals of UN Sustainable Development.

The Dubai Can initiative also motivates businesses, communities, visitors and residents to undergo simple changes like using refillable water bottles, public water stations along with installing water filters in their homes, schools and offices, which reduces the use of single-use plastic water bottles.


Earlier, the capital of the UAE started its ban on single-use plastic bags in its proposal to motivate the use of reusable products as part of the nation’s sustainability drive.

Abu Dhabi has also imposed a ban, effective on June 1 and is a part of a broader initiative to safeguard the environment and limit waste.


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