US: Forces arrests man who tries to smuggle 52 snakes and lizards hiding them under clothes

A 30-year-old man has been held by the security forces after he was found smuggling reptiles (snaked and lizards) at the border.

United States: A 30-year-old man has been held by the security forces after he was found smuggling reptiles (snaked and lizards) at the border. The man was attempting to cross the border in California with 52 snakes and lizards, which were hidden under clothes.

The US Customs authorities provided the information about the incident on Tuesday in a press release statement. It further noted that among 52 reptiles, forty-three of them were horned lizards, and the remaining nine were the snakes, which have now been seized by the US border authorities.


The officials noted that the reptiles had been placed in a “safe and secure” place, adding that some of these species are endangered.

The individual at present is in the custody of police authorities. As per the issued statement, at around 3 am on February 25, the culprit was driving a truck when he reached the San Ysidro border, after which he was stopped by security forces for the purpose of inspection, as per the US Customs and Border Protection statement.

“Agents found 52 reptiles, being tied up in the small bags concealed in man’s jacket, pants pockets, and groin area”.

Sidney Aki – the Customs and Border Protection director of field operations in San Diego, stated, “Smugglers will try every possible way to try and get their product or, in this case, live reptiles, across the border. In this incident, the smuggler attempted to deceive CBP officers in order to bring these animals into the United States of America, without taking care for the health and safety of the animals”.

The 30-year-old was detained from the scene only, along with the seizing of his vehicle and reptiles. The man was later transported and booked into the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Tariq Saeed

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