Celebrating UAE National Day with exclusive Popcorn Tub designed by renowned artist Abdulla Lutfi

The renowned Emirati artist of determination, Abdulla Lutfi, has collaborated with Vox Cinemas to create an exclusive popcorn tub to celebrate the 52nd UAE National Day

Dubai, UAE: As the long weekend approaches, moviegoers in the UAE are in for a special treat at Vox Cinemas. The renowned Emirati artist of determination, Abdulla Lutfi, has collaborated with Vox Cinemas to create an exclusive popcorn tub to celebrate the 52nd UAE National Day.

Launched on November 25, this limited-edition popcorn tub features Lutfi’s distinctive monochromatic style, capturing the essence of the Emirati way of life.


The artistic masterpiece showcases myriad activities, including skylines, camels, palm trees, and whimsically adorned characters in traditional Emirati costumes. Lutfi’s skilful artwork brings to life the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

Abdulla Lutfi is just 30 years old and renowned for his enchanting and playful cartoon-like monochrome drawings. What makes his story even more remarkable is that Lutfi is an autistic savant, demonstrating exceptional giftedness in specific areas despite having a developmental or intellectual disability.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Lutfi expressed his gratitude, stating, “It’s an honour that Vox Cinemas has bestowed so much respect on me and my work.” The exclusive popcorn tub is a celebration of National Day and a recognition of Lutfi’s exceptional talent.

In a candid revelation about his early experiences, Lutfi shared, “I was made to realize I was somehow different from others at a young age. People often looked down on me for stimming.”

Stimming, a medical term for self-stimulatory behaviour, is a coping mechanism used by autistic individuals to regulate concentration and prevent meltdowns.


Lutfi’s journey took a positive turn when he joined an art academy for people of determination called Mawaheb – From The Beautiful People. With the support of his mother and Mawaheb, Lutfi’s artistic talents flourished.

“My art began to be recognized nationwide, and that was a source of great pride and joy for me. I feel privileged to be blessed with the gift of creativity,” he shared.

Abdulla Lutfi stands out in the UAE art scene, and his work, known for gracing Dubai, has now taken a cinematic turn with the Vox Cinemas collaboration.

The limited-edition popcorn tub is available across all Vox Cinemas in the UAE, offering movie enthusiasts a unique blend of art and entertainment this National Day weekend.

As audiences indulge in cinematic experiences, they can also savour the creativity and talent of Abdulla Lutfi, making this collaboration an extraordinary and memorable celebration of the UAE’s rich cultural heritage.


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Tariq Saeed


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