Turkey: Doctors found 233 items, including coins, batteries, in man’s stomach

Doctors in Turkey were left stunned after discovering hundreds of nails, coins, batteries and shards of glass inside the stomach of a man.

Doctors in Turkey were left stunned after discovering hundreds of nails, coins, batteries and shards of glass inside the stomach of a man.

As per the sources, the 35-year-old man, whose details have not been disclosed, was taken to the hospital after he suffered from abdominal pain. When the doctors did an endoscopy surgery using ultrasound and X-rays, they were shocked to find 233 items in the man’s stomach.


In the x-ray also, various objects were being shown in the abdomen of the man’s stomach.

The items found in his stomach were batteries, magnets, coins, screws and pieces of glass. Later, the surgeons removed these items from his stomach.

Dr Benici, one of the surgeons, stated, “During the surgery, we witnessed that one or two of the nails had passed via the stomach wall. We also saw that there were two metal pieces and two stones of different sizes in the large intestine.

Doctors stated that this is not a situation they usually witness in adults. As per them, unintentional swallowing of such objects mainly occurs during childhood or in psychiatric patients, prisoners or abuse cases among the adult age group.

The man suffered from severe stomach ache, unknown to the fact that he had different items in his stomach along with two stones of various sizes.

It is not apparent when the operation took place. The reports did not disclose how these pieces reached the man’s stomach.


Doctors further said that it was the first time that such a case had been witnessed in which an average adult man had so many objects, and it was also not clear since when he had been carrying these objects in his stomach. A total of 233 things were removed from his stomach, and now he is recovering at a good pace.

Tariq Saeed

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