UAE sends 30 tons of food supplies to Afghanistan as they are under serious crisis

As the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is becoming worse with every passing day, the UAE has provided the country with around 30 tons of food supplies as aid.

As the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is becoming worse with every passing day, the UAE has provided the country with around 30 tons of food supplies as aid.

The aircraft carrying food supplies for Afghanistan nation, sent by UAE, reached Kabul on Monday, 18 April.


The spokesperson of the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the aid would be evenly distributed among the undernourished and vulnerable class through government entities.

Mujahid further called on people to come forward and help to make the whole process of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan conditional.

He noted, “We call for absolute assistance, without any concealed political agenda. This is a humanitarian problem. The Afghans must be provided with help. The UAE has also provided with help without any intention.”

Meanwhile, Chiad Erginay, the Turkish ambassador in Kabul, stated that Turkey’s fourth assistance package reached Torghondi port in Herat province.

Erginay said, “We will distribute aid in coordination with the Red Cresent Society and many other government organizations in the provinces. The assistance includes medical supplies, sugar, wheat, and some other things.

Taliban said that it would distribute the aid provided fairly and evenly. Mujahid said, “The aid will be disseminated through the help of five government institutions. There will be full transparency, and we will disseminate the aid fairly. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems with aid distributed by international organizations.”


While emphasizing the humanitarian crisis ongoing in Afghanistan, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said earlier that around nine million people are still at the stake of famine in Afghanistan.

Guterres also posted on Twitter that the economy of Afghanistan has collapsed effectively and called on people to come forward and donate to help the people residing over there. He said that if there are enough funds, only then the UN and its partners can continue to provide life-saving assistance.

The situation in Afghanistan regarding human rights is also becoming worse day by day since the Afghanistani government lost its control over the nation and the Taliban took over. Although the fights in the country have finished, severe human rights violations still continue to prevail.


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