Dubai: Parking charges levied at several points at The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai has imposed charges at several parking locations for motorists. Parking meters have been installed at the Rast Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah beside the Aloft hotel

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai has imposed charges at several parking locations for motorists.

Parking meters have been installed at the Rast Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah beside the Aloft hotel. Additional meters have also been installed near the Golden Mile Galleria 1 and 2, as well as The Pointe.


Managed by Parkonic, which is an intelligent parking operating system, spots cost around Dh10 per hour, but free parking is also available at some points if the ticket has been validated by some participating merchant.

Motorists are only required to give their vehicle plate numbers or QR code to the outlet for validation of the same.

They must also download the Parkonic mobile app to make an account and register their vehicle. With the app’s “wallet” feature, users can also put money in their accounts to pay for the parking as they go.

The parking payments are made automatically via the app when a motorist exits a car park or metered parking location.

However, if drivers want, they can also choose to pay for parking through the website, at an on-site Parkonic kiosk or through one of the pay-on-foot machines.

As per the website, both unregistered and registered users with unpaid parking fees will have around 48 hours to top up their accounts to pay. After the period of 48 hours will end, a fine will be imposed by the Dubai traffic authority.


Parkonic meters, as well as barriers, are active at almost 12 different locations around Abu Dhabi and Dubai, also including Town Square and Bay Square.

This parking charge is being exercised in just a few parts of the Palm Jumeirah of Dubai.

Earlier, motorists used to enjoy the benefit of free parking at the Palm, due to which the parking area was always crowded, which is why the charge has been imposed.


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