UAE doctor warns that voice change maybe sign of cancer

A doctor in the United Arab Emirates has warned that a change in a person's voice for more than two weeks can be a serious reason for concern.

A doctor in the United Arab Emirates has warned that a change in a person’s voice for more than two weeks can be a serious reason for concern.

Dr Masoud Kazemi, Laryngology Fellowship, ENT surgeon from Canadian Specialists Hospital Dubai, has raised a warning that a change in an individual’s voice must be medically assessed, particularly if they are a smoker.


The larynx must be appropriately examined and photographed in these cases.

The surgeon stated that if an individual has a developing tumour, it can be treated early. During the early stage, the tumour can be cured completely by removing it with the help of a laser and via the mouth without cutting the skin and safeguarding the patient’s larynx and voice.

An experienced Nigerian nurse, Okhiria Violet Azeke, was diagnosed with the symptom around two years ago but failed to follow up as she was scared she had a COVID-19 infection. However, she came to Dr Kazemi in May after she suffered from serious shortness of breath.

When Dr Kazemi did a tracheotomy, he discovered a tumour and eventually diagnosed a s a stage 4-a squamous cell carcinoma that was limiting her breathing.

At this stage, because of the young age of the patient, the goal was to acquire complete recovery by entirely eradicating the tumour and its roots.

Dr Kazemi further explained that there were many other problems like hypertension, high blood sugar, and anaemia but the major challenge was that the patient was permitted to transfuse blood with haemoglobin 10.


Azeke agreed immediately to the surgery to remove the tumour and was taken into the operating room around 8 am on June 18. Doctors and other staff made various arrangements to control the blood loss in this critical case.

The whole larynx, half part of her throat, half of the thyroid gland as well as the surrounding lymph nodes had to be removed.

Azeke was shifted to the ICU after a long five-hour surgery and was fully in senses after 48 hours. Dr Kazemi stated she recovered well.

Azeke is presently being fed via a nasal tube for two weeks until the wound fully heals.


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