Bahrain: Dr Fatima Habil calls for an initiative to take booster dose developed against Coronavirus

Dr Fatima Habil calls for the initiative to take the energized dose of the Pfizer-Biontec vaccine, developed against Coronavirus and its mutants.

Dr Fatima Habil calls for the initiative to take the energized dose of the Pfizer-Biontec vaccine, developed against Coronavirus and its mutants.

Dr Fatima Habil, head of the programs department in the Ministry of Health Promotion, stressed the importance of taking the advanced Pfizer-Biontech vaccine as a booster dose for people aged 12 years and above to protect the community and maintain health and prevent serious complications of Coronavirus (K) Covid-19) on certain cases and categories such as the elderly and those with low immunity.


Dr Fatima Habil has called for the initiative to take the booster dose of the developed Pfizer-Biontech vaccine and its new mutants, protecting community members by heading directly to primary health care centres without prior registration required.

Habel also stressed the importance of following precautionary measures in case of virus symptoms such as fever or coughing, washing hands continuously, covering mouth and nose, avoiding mixing with others, and speeding up Covid-19 testing, to protect yourself. 

Spread the virus and reduce its complications.

A list of primary healthcare centres offering the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine and its protocol can be found by visiting the Ministry of Health website. advanced vaccination is available from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm at centres. Next: Boumaher Health Center, Bank of Bahrain Kuwait health centre in the limit, Jadhafs health centre, Youssef health engineer centre, Sheikh Jaber health centre, Khalifa city health centre, and Hamad Kano health centre.

While advanced vaccination is available from 7:30 am to 05:00 pm at Al-Naeim Health Centre, Sheikh Sabah Salem Health Centre, Hyderabad Health Centre, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khaled Health Centre, Hamad City Health Centre, and Kuwait Health Centre.



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