Dubai: Varieties of mangoes to be available to visitors, traders in Pakistan Mango Festival 2022

Dubai will witness a two-day Pakistan Mango Festival 2022 on July 1 and 2, in which a large variety of mangoes will be available to traders and visitors from different nations.

Dubai will witness a two-day Pakistan Mango Festival 2022 on July 1 and 2, in which a large variety of mangoes will be available to traders and visitors from different nations.

The festival will be a free event organised jointly by the Pakistan Consulate, Pakistan Business Council and Pakistan Association Dubai, which is all set to be held at Pakistan Association Dubai, Bur Dubai.


On the first day of the event will have senior government officials from the UAE and Pakistan, ambassadors, dignitaries, business council members and trade missions will be invited, where they will go through over several popular varieties of Pakistani mangoes, and the second day of the event will be open to the general public.

The visitors will get to see many mango-related games, food, competitions, shopping, cultural stalls and many more.

The president of Pakistan Association Dubai, Dr Faisal Ikram, stated that entry to the Pakistan Mango Festival is free for the public as organisers want to involve the maximum people from a broad spectrum of nationalities residing in the UAE.

He further stated that they want to promote the mangoes as it is their country’s national fruit.

Retailers and importers of various nationalities have been invited to the festival to show the opportunities in this sector.

Dr Ikram further said that they want to engage the community on the second day through different activities.


Additionally, a concept known as “Mangoes for a Cause” will be introduced during the festival, in which all the profits for the mangoes purchased at the festival will go to the not-for-profit healthcare facility Pakistan Medical Centre.

Around 2000 visitors are expected to attend the festival, as per Dr Ikram.

Pakistan Mango Festival 2022 is an initiative to introduce and highlight Pakistani mangoes, their variations and their superior quality to visiting ambassadors, dignitaries, consul generals and members of trade missions in UAE.

Over 100 varieties of mangoes are cultivated in Pakistan. During the Pakistan Mango Festival, around 18 companies will feature several popular mango varieties, which are exported worldwide, including Chaunsa, Sindhri, Sunehra, Dusehri, Langra, Laal Baadshaa, Anwar Ratol, Gulab Khaas, Fajri, Neelam and others.

People will also be able to buy mangoes at a competitive price, stated the managing director of Altaf Hussain Trading Co., Mustafa Altaf.

Pakistani mangoes are witnessing huge demand in Dubai in 2022 as exports have been higher than last year because of strong demand despite lessened production of mangoes in Pakistan amid heatwave and climate change, stated Altaf.




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