New food hub at Abu Dhabi’s port to play important role in tackling global food crisis

The United Arab Emirates is scheduled to play a significant role in tackling the worldwide food crisis, in part via the recently announced food hub at Kizad, said the experts.

The United Arab Emirates is scheduled to play a significant role in tackling the worldwide food crisis, in part via the recently announced food hub at Kizad, said the experts.

The site, which was announced in early February, will serve as a food trading and logistics centre in Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi. Food security experts have stated that it would perform as a fulcrum in helping to give solutions to the present crisis, which was aggravated by both the Covid-19 pandemic and recent events in Ukraine.


The managing director and group chief executive of AD Ports Group, Capt Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, said, “The regional food hub in Abu Dhabi will be the most extensive of its kind in the region and will link the eastern and western markets.”

The conference to be held in October comes when food security is a major priority for the UAE leaders. They want the nation to lead in solving the problem of global food security.

The comments were made during a press conference held on Monday, 27 June, as Abu Dhabi prepares itself to have a significant international conference on food security in October.

The World Union of Wholesale Markets 2022 Conference will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and bring jointly leading international figures to discuss methods to solve the issue.

Recent events, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic (coronavirus), have only served to accelerate the requirement to find solutions for the problem, said Captain Al Shamisi.

He further added that there must be a concentration on getting away from producing particular types of crops or even foods in just one or a few locations, reducing the possibilities of shortages in the future.


Khalifa Port serves as a gateway for the contiguous Khalifa Industrial Zone in Abu Dhabi.


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