No on arrival RT-PCR test required for travellers arriving in Abu Dhabi

As the COVID-19 situation improves in the country, Abu Dhabi has eased the travel requirements for travellers arriving in the Middle East country.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: As the COVID-19 situation improves in the country, Abu Dhabi has eased the travel requirements for travellers arriving in the Middle East country. According to this, the inoculated visitors will no longer be required to take an RT-PCR test as they land at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. 

The change in the on-arrival testing policy in Abu Dhabi has been announced on Monday by the spokesperson of Etihad Airways. 


The spokesperson stated, “Amid the latest UAE government directives, guests will no longer be needed to take a PCR test on arrival in Abu Dhabi. Guests who prefer to take a PCR test on arrival can take advantage of the arrivals testing facility at Abu Dhabi International Airport at their own expense for Dh40 ($11) per test“.  

The official following the above statement added, “Etihad continues to follow the United Arab Emirates and international government, regulatory as well as health authority directives, and is playing its part in helping to limit the spread of Covid-19.”    

Meanwhile, Terry Daly, the executive director of the guest experience, Brand and Marketing, Etihad Airways, stated, “We warmly welcome this action by the UAE authorities to make travelling to & from Abu Dhabi & the UAE even easier, while maintaining a safer environment”., 

“Abu Dhabi has built a reputation in order to deliver a robust reply to the COVID-19 pandemic with high vaccination rates & a comprehensive approach to health and safety measures”. 

In order to obtain more information about the amended COVID-19 travel health protocols, one individual can visit the official website at – or via a mobile app.   

As per statics, since the beginning of the pandemic in UAE, more than 883,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. On the other hand, there are a total of 2,301 individuals in the Middle East nation who have lost their lives to the deadliest virus. 



Tariq Saeed

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