Abu Dhabi Houthi attack: Supports pour in for UAE after second attack

After two continuous attacks on UAE by Houthi, many organisations and countries supported the Emirates and condemned the terror group.

After two continuous attacks on UAE by Houthi, many organisations and countries supported the Emirates and condemned the terror group.

These attacks have resulted in massive damage, including the explosion of three petroleum tankers and caused a fire near the newly constructed area of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The airstrikes have also killed three civilians and six others were severely injured.


This attack has been criticized by many countries and organisations, expressing solidarity with the UAE. The countries and the organisations have described the attack as a “cowardly terrorist attack”.

The statements were shared following the UAE’s Ministry of Defence confirmed that the nation had destroyed two ballistic missiles by the Houthis, on early Monday.

The attack was made after the Yemen-based terror group attacked Abu Dhabi for the second time.

Many countries denounced the attack and stated:-

United Nations:

The Secretary-General Antonio Guterres upbraided the airstrikes, because of which three citizens lost their lives, and his spokesman stated that “The international humanitarian law would not accept the attacks against the civilians and civilian infrastructure.”


Saudi Arabia:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the attack in the strongest terms and rejected all the terror attacks by the Houthi terror group on the UAE.

The ministry further appealed to the international community, especially the United Nations Security Council, to end the terror attacks like Houthi’s airstrike to maintain international peace and harmony, and to obey the international humanitarian laws.


The Foreign Affairs ministry denounced the act and stressed that these types of attacks are a dangerous threat to the security and stability of Saudi and UAE. It further said that the terror groups have been violating international laws.

The Egyptian authorities have once again extended their support towards UAE and Saudi Arabia.


India has termed the attack “unacceptable” and has extended its solidarity with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Indian External Affairs Minister Dr Jaishankar expressed condolences over the phone call and said New Delhi would convey its strong solidarity with the UAE to face such unacceptable acts.


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