Dentist in Dubai will provide free treatment to one special needs child every month

A dentist residing in Dubai has come forward to offer a free treatment to one special needs child every month, regardless of the cost of the treatment.

A dentist residing in Dubai has come forward to offer a free treatment to one special needs child every month, regardless of the cost of the treatment.

The paediatric dentist specialist, Dr Garima Khandelwal, works at multiple clinics in the city of Dubai. As most of the dental treatments are not covered by any insurance, the Indian ex-pat stated that the treatment could be very costly if several teeth get damaged or affected due to some medical condition.


Dr Khandelwal further stated, “It is very helpful to families, as already many expenses are involved with special needs children.”

While talking about this decision of hers to offer this initiative during the sacred month of Ramadan, she explained, “I feel Ramadan is a very auspicious month to be more courteous and helpful and spread the kindness of humanity that the world requires.”

Dr Khandelwal also talked about the first patient that came to her during the holy month of Ramadan. The patient was just three years old, named Justin from the Philippines.

“The child had a neurological disability called Rett syndrome. I performed two pulpectomies and eight fillings in his ten teeth under full anaesthesia as required,” she said.

While mentioning the cost of such dental treatments, she further added that the dental procedures and treatments are especially expensive when it comes to children with special needs.

“Dental treatments start low, but if the complications are more, it may price over Dh40,000. And once in a month, I will give treatment to one child with special needs irrespective of the cost,” she stated.


Dental treatments are usually very expensive irrespective of the age of the patient as it includes the treatment of teeth, which has to be treated with utmost care and with special tools and machines that are also very costly.


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