Dubai: Mona Kattan attends ‘Sephora Middle East Partners’ event at Blue Waters

Owner of world-famous perfume brand "KAYALI", Mona Kattan, recently attended a Sephora Middle East Partners event at Blue Waters in Dubai.

Owner of world-famous perfume brand “KAYALI“, Mona Kattan, recently attended a Sephora Middle East Partners event at Blue Waters in Dubai.

Mona Kattan looked stunning in a solid black skin-fit top paired with floral pants and minimal accessories.



On her official Twitter account, Mona shared photos and videos of having fun at the event; Mona was seen enjoying every bit while having her lunch.

Mother of fragrance brand Kayali also recommended visiting Blue Waters in Dubai as it serves the best Peruvian-Japanese fusion.

Mona shared a video of the restaurant’s delicious, hot, and sizzling Japanese food.

Recently Mona Kattan has also started her “Mini Mic Series”, in which Mona and her team will be interviewing random people across the globe while asking them which fragrance they are wearing.


The hashtag of this trend or series is named #MonaMiniMicDiaries. In the video shared by Mona on her Twitter account, the interviewer is seen asking random people, “WHAT FRAGRANCE ARE YOU WEARING TODAY?”

People in Dubai were seen wearing Kayali as their day’s fragrance, and some were layring Kayali with other scents.

Some of the people’s answers to the question were: Love by Kilian, Parfums de Marly, Tom Ford Cherry, Givenchy Irresistible and many more.

People of Dubai during the interview were seen going gaga over the famous “KAYALI VANILLA ROYALE” one of the interviewees said that her perfume bottle was almost emptied as she is a die-hard fan of the fragrance.

Recently Mona Kattan, the mother of the famous brand ‘KAYALI’ launched the 11th variant of perfume named ‘Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64.

In one of the videos shared by Mona Kattan on her official Youtube channel, her family and friends was

 seen reading the key notes of the perfume bottle “Vanilla Royale “.

The fragrance consists of vanilla surabsolute, brown sugar, golden rum, creme brulee, royal oud and sugar patchouli.

In the video, all discuss the exciting ingredients that make the newly launched juice more mesmerizing.



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