Dubai Bling is back with new season on Netflix; cast and many more

Reality TV lovers, get ready; a new Arab reality show is coming to Netflix. Dubai Bling is being released on the streaming platform on Thursday, October 27.

Reality TV lovers, get ready; a new Arab reality show is coming to Netflix.

Dubai Bling is being released on the streaming platform on Thursday, October 27.


It will follow the lives of ten Arab millionaires who live and work in the UAE, think fast cars, designer bags and outrageous displays of wealth.

And with the trailer being released this week, excitement is building for the new show.

À la Bling Empire (which gives an insight into the wealthy East and South East Asians living in the US) Dubai Bling will provide viewers with an insight into the top one per cent of Dubai locals and ex-pats.

Aiming to give Netflix subscribers worldwide insight into the luxury lifestyle on offer in the UAE, the ten cast members have let cameras into some of the most glamourous moments of their lives.

“Step off the intimate jet and into a high-flying social circle in Dubai, where luxury parties, spectacular skylines and breathtaking fashion are the norm,” says Netflix when describing the premise of Dubai Bling.

Cast of Dubai Bling


The ten cast members are from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Lebanon and are all self-made millionaires. 

Kuwaiti-American Al Samadi has been working since 13 and is now known for bringing Forever Rose to the Middle East (and turning it into a $21million company in less than a year). At 28 years old, ‘The Blooming Man’ owns a Forever Rose cafe and oud company, with no sign of slowing down any time soon. 

Influencer Bodi is famed for her luxury fashion-related content that sees her at some of the world’s most glamorous parties. A former model, Bodi, who is of Gujarati origin, was raised in South Africa before moving to Dubai. 

To long-time Dubai residents, Fade needs no introduction. On the airways every morning on Virgin Radio, the Australian-Lebanese host has launched his own Fade Fit healthy snacks and become a household name in the country. He will feature in Dubai Bling along with his wife, Brianna.



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