Dubai braces for massive influx of visitors due to Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

With nearby Qatar hosting the biggest tournament in sport from November 20 to December 18, Dubai is braced for a massive influx of visitors.

With nearby Qatar hosting the biggest tournament in sport from November 20 to December 18, Dubai is braced for a massive influx of visitors

Hundreds and thousands of football fans are expected to use Dubai as a base from which to travel to Qatar for the matches and make the most of all the brilliant things to do in the city in the process.


Dubai residents will also look to cash in and soak up the atmosphere, as there will be so much on offer during the World Cup in Dubai.

Whether it’s a pub with a few friends you’re after or an arena with hundreds of hyperactive fans, there’s something for every football supporter watching the World Cup in Dubai this winter.

Wherever you work, live or happen to be when the best teams in the world play each other, there’s a venue for you.

The critical thing to decide is whether you want to watch the action in a sports bar, pub or restaurant – or if you want to view the activity from a fan park.

The World Cup in Dubai: How to get to nearby Qatar

If watching the World Cup in Dubai isn’t for you, you may want to visit nearby Qatar for a closer look at the action.

A Hayya Card has to be the first item in your suitcase if you’re making the trip to planet football this winter.


All visitors arriving in Qatar between November 1 and January 23 must apply for one before arrival.

Fans can invite up to three non-ticketed supporters to join them – but they must also be able to show they have accommodation in Qatar during the tournament.

Click here for more Hayya Card information.

For travel purposes, 30 flydubai shuttle flights will be available from Dubai World Central. You can buy tickets here.

As for COVID, all visitors from Dubai to Qatar must provide either a negative PCR test of COVID-19 result within 48 hours of the scheduled departure time or a rapid antigen test result within 24 hours.

These rules apply to all travellers, regardless of vaccination status.

Tariq Saeed


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