Dubai: Cashless parking meters installed at East Crescent of Palm

Parking meters have been installed at the East Crescent of the Palm, beside the Aloft hotel, and motorists will soon have to pay for parking at many locations on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Parking meters have been installed at the East Crescent of the Palm, beside the Aloft hotel, and motorists will soon have to pay for parking at many locations on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Additional meters have also been installed at Golden Mile Galleria 1, 2 and The Pointe.


The meters have just been installed and are not working yet but are expected to work within a month.

The parking meters are operated by Parkonic, which is an intelligent parking management system, and parking costs will differ, but free parking will be available in a few locations if a participating merchant has validated the ticket.

Users will be required to give their vehicle plate number or QR code to the outlet for its validation.

They must also download the Parkonic mobile app to make an account and register their vehicle. With the ‘wallet’ feature of the app, users can also put money on their accounts to pay for parking while they go.

The app automatically makes payment when a user exits a car park or metered parking area.

Still, if motorists prefer, they can also pay for parking through the website, at an on-site Parkonic Kiosk or through one of the pay-on-foot machines.


Parkonic is the first ticketless, cashless, barrier-less parking system in Dubai.

Users can also navigate the app to look for available parking slots at several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, then book and pay for their parking with just a click.

A spokesperson stated that Parkonic has a simple four-step process which strives to lessen the time spent on outdated methods and gives a more accessible, happier parking journey.

As per the website, both unregistered and registered users with unpaid parking fees will be given 48 hours to top up their accounts to pay, and after this time, a fine of Dh150 will be issued by the Dubai traffic authority.


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