UAE: Experts asks parents to seed “self-esteem” in children as board exams brings stress in them

Speaking on the stress faced by students, Girish Hemnani, Energy Healer and Life Coach, stated the stress needs to be managed efficiently, whether it of exams or professional work. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Exams in the United Arab Emirates are all set to arrive. As the situation of the COVID-19 improves in the Middle East country, students will return to offline exams, which will automatically lead to stress among the students. Hence, a life coach asked the parents and teachers to do their best for reducing the stress level of children ahead of exams. 

Speaking on the stress faced by students, Girish Hemnani, Energy Healer and Life Coach, stated the stress needs to be managed efficiently, whether it of exams or professional work. 


Hemnani stated, “Stress is inevitable be it exams or professional work; hence it needs to be well managed. The stress of Board exams can be seen as a shared responsibility where parents and children can be of help to each other. It’s well noticed that too much stress-energy can have adverse effects, as it radiates even if not expressed verbally.”

“The performance, as well as the potential of a child, get impacted when moralistic judgements are passed. Blame, insults, put-downs, labels, criticism, comparisons, and diagnoses are all forms of judgement that are not helpful for children or even adults to give in their best”, the life coach added while highlighting the effects of comparison done by either parents or teachers in any terms. 

Meanwhile, another expert – Dr Mohamed Abdelbadie, who is a Specialist Psychiatrist at Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain opines, asserted, “The pressure & anxiety can lead in physical symptoms such as – headache, body pain, nausea, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, lightheadedness, and feeling faint.” 

He added that the anxiety before the exams could also lead to numerous behavioural symptoms such as – finding it difficult to concentrate, thinking negatively, comparing oneself to others, and procrastinating.

“Another tell-tale sign of their struggle with exam anxiety may be their constant engagement with gadgets”, Dr Mohamed added. 

Experts further highlighted that it is the responsibility of parents to seed “self-esteem” in their children, and to build confidence in them, so that they can overcome any of the issues, including – anxiety. 




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