Dubai court orders 3 months imprisonment & deportation for persons found stealing onions

Dubai Court of First Instance has ordered the deportation of two men who were found guilty of stealing ten bags of onion.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In a bizarre incident, the Dubai Court of First Instance has ordered the deportation of two men who were found guilty of stealing ten bags of onion. Although, the identities of the persons have yet not been revealed. 

Both of the individuals have been sentenced to imprisonment of 3 months which is being followed by deportation. 

As per the information, the two accused were seen loading bags of 10 bags of stolen onions onto a truck in the area of Al Awir. While they were performing the act, the security guard caught them and thwarted their attempt of stealing. Afterwards, he immediately notified the Dubai police authorities about the act and got them arrested. 

The records of the police authorities stated that a porter, along with his friend, decided and planned to steal the onions from the fruit and vegetable market in Al Awir. To execute the plan, they parked a truck near a warehouse and began to carry bags of onions.  

The security guard, who caught the individuals stealing while talking to the local media, stated, “I came closer, and I saw the men carrying the onion bags with the help of another person. They were carrying ten bags of onion“. 

The accused stated their motive to steal the onions was to then sell them afterwards for their profit. Both the individuals have been charged with the count of robbery.  

Stealing in the United Arab Emirates: 

An accused is being punished for imprisonment from 6 months to up to 3 years, along with a fine in case of theft. Meanwhile, in an attempt of stealing, which is also considered a crime, an individual is carrying a punishment from 3 months up to 18 months or a fine. 

The punishment for crime of attempted theft by such methods holds a prison sentence of 3-15 years.



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