Dubai exported 8 million tonnes of food last year

The previous year, Dubai exported 8 million tonnes of food, the capital city's Municipality authorities stated on Thursday.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The previous year, Dubai exported 8 million tonnes of food, the capital city’s Municipality authorities stated on Thursday. As per the data, Dubai re-exported 6.27 million tonnes in shipments in 2021.

Last year, the Dubai-based airlines – Emirates, had also allocated a total of 78,812 food export health certificates to about 157 nations across the globe. The Director of the food safety department in Dubai Municipality, Sultan Al Taher, shared the figures noting the tally depicts the dedication as well as the responsibility of the municipality in relation to importing food in the emirate’s markets.


Adding to his above statement, he emphasized that the organization is working in order to make sure that the goods are transported safely via the emirate’s ports, assuring that the procedure is covered with stringent regulations.

Explaining the export process, he stated that initially, the food items are required to get registered within the regulation system. The registration can take place electronically, and the regulatory system presents information such as – sample results, risk ratios in materials, and dates of sample collection across their locations.

Dubai is considered as the key connection in the global supply chain, and the capital city is home to a few world’s biggest and largest ports. Although, the ongoing contagious COVID-19 pandemic hampered the shipping of the middle east nation across the world. This also had an influential impact on goods production as well.

Though the world economies are at present recuperating from the devastating effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak, some loopholes or challenges in the shipping sector continue to survive, impacting the export, such as the shortage of shipping containers.

UAE currently contains more than 872,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, as per the data shared by the health ministry. The death rate of the middle east country stands at 2,290.


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