Dubai Hills residents could face severe fines if they can’t control noisy pets, warns Emaar

Emaar, a Property developer in Dubai, has warned residents of Dubai Hills that they could face severe fines if they can't control their noisy pets.

Emaar, a Property developer in Dubai, has warned residents of Dubai Hills that they could face severe fines if they can’t control their noisy pets.

Emaar Community Management, in a notice, said that pet owners found breaching the rules of law will be sent a notice, and a fine will also be imposed.


Owners whose pets will be found making loud and excessive noise creating a nuisance in the society, will incur a fine of Dh500.

Other rules under the law include cleaning up after pets, dumping their waste in designated bins and keeping the dogs on a leash all the time.

According to the guidelines of Dubai Municipality, residents and Citizens were also warned to abstain from feeding stray cats. The ones who will be caught doing so could be referred to the officials for further action.

Meanwhile, one of the residents of Dubai Hills stated that it is unclear how the regulations will be enforced or who will be responsible for evaluating when a dog’s bark is too loud.

The notice was circulated among residents in Dubai Hills. It stated, “While we enjoy a pet-friendly neighbourhood, we would like to remind you to follow the pet guidelines to encourage a wholesome living experience for all citizens.”

It further said, “Please note that matters of non-compliance will be issued with a Notice of Violation followed by a fine of Dh500 per instance. Residents can reach Dubai Municipality Contact Centre on 800 900 to report any incident involving a pet within the community.”


In 2021, Emaar also sent out a notice to people in its communities to remind them that it is illegal to have exotic pets in Dubai.

The rule came after reports were outed regarding a big cat on the loose around the Meadows and Springs communities, which was a false alarm.

Emaar stated that under the Dubai law, “it is unlawful for any individual to own and keep any exotic animals as a pet”.


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