Dubai Police Arrest Young Man Disguised as Woman in Begging Scheme Near Mosque

The arrest unfolded as part of the "Combat Begging" campaign, a collaborative effort between Dubai Police and strategic partners aimed at safeguarding the emirate's esteemed reputation

In a bid to tackle the scourge of begging near mosques, Dubai Police have apprehended a young man who was found dressed in women’s attire, aiming to exploit public sympathy for financial gain.

The suspect donned an abaya and niqab typically worn by Arab women and was nabbed near a mosque while soliciting money from passersby.


The arrest unfolded as part of the “Combat Begging” campaign, a collaborative effort between Dubai Police and strategic partners aimed at safeguarding the emirate’s esteemed reputation.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of begging on the city’s image and urges the public to refrain from engaging with beggars.

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Shamsi, Director of the Department of Suspects and Criminal Phenomena within the General Department of Criminal Investigation, underscored the lengths to which beggars will go to exploit the goodwill of the public, particularly during significant periods such as the holy month.

He emphasized the necessity for vigilance among residents, urging them to be cautious of manipulative tactics employed by beggars.

The apprehension of the disguised beggar was made possible through the vigilance of a community member who promptly alerted the General Department of Operations. This incident underscores the pivotal role that public cooperation plays in combating such criminal activities.

In light of the arrest, Brigadier Al Shamsi issued reminders to the public regarding the legal and moral implications of supporting beggars. He reiterated that giving money to beggars not only perpetuates the cycle of exploitation but also constitutes a criminal offense under Federal Law No. 9 of 2018.


Al Shamsi urged individuals to redirect their generosity towards established and legitimate channels designed to assist those in genuine need.

Moreover, Al Shamsi cautioned against responding to beggars’ pleas or engaging with them out of pity, emphasizing the importance of reporting such incidents immediately.

He urged residents to utilize the contact center (901) or the “Police Eye” service on Dubai Police’s smart app to report instances of begging.

Furthermore, Al Shamsi warned the public against falling prey to sympathetic online messages from beggars on social media platforms or through emails containing fabricated stories.

He urged individuals to exercise discernment and to ignore such messages, thereby thwarting attempts to exploit their goodwill.

Dubai continues to uphold its commitment to maintaining its civilized image and protecting its residents from exploitation. The efforts of Dubai Police underscore the importance of collective vigilance and cooperation in safeguarding the community against criminal activities.

The apprehension of the disguised beggar near a mosque serves as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges posed by begging and the imperative for continued diligence in combating this phenomenon.

Through concerted efforts and public awareness initiatives, Dubai Police remain steadfast in their resolve to preserve the emirate’s reputation as a safe and thriving global destination.


This article was created using automation technology and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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