Dubai Police finds lost bag carrying Dh70,000 within an hour of complaint

Dubai Police gave back Dh70,000 to a traveller after he lost the cash on his flight back through the Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Police gave back Dh70,000 to a traveller after he lost the cash on his flight back through the Dubai International Airport.

A British national named Peter Lawson, who lives in Delhi, India, did not panic despite the large amount of cash he lost during his journey. He contacted the General Department of Airports Security. He acquired a reaction within an hour that his bag with the money was discovered and was secure with the officials at the Airport.


Director of the General Department of Airports Security at Dubai Police, Major General Ali Ateeq Bin Lahej, said, visitors and residents of Dubai trust the level of safety and security in the city.

Maj. Gen. Bin Lahej said that the officials spared neither effort nor time upon acquiring the passenger’s report and managed to locate his bag within an hour.

He highlighted, “Dubai Police has a qualified cadre and uses smart technologies to assure and improve the sense of security and safety among members of the public.”

Lawson said he was not worried about his cash, having lived in Dubai long enough to understand that nothing gets lost in the city. “Once I realised that I had lost the money in Dubai, I was confident that I would get it back,” he stated.

The security system of Dubai Police is so tight and secure that they have managed to control the crimes in the city as well, they have tight security checks due to which no illegal businesses could be carried out.

Meanwhile, the discovery of the lost bag was also because of their strict measures and tight security that a large sum of money did not get stolen by anyone else and was found very easily that too within just a few hours. Lawson was extremely happy with the services of the Dubai Police.



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