Dubai Police launches an awareness campaign, “Fireworks are More Dangerous Than You Think”

The Dubai Police General Command has launched a campaign strived at raising awareness regarding the hazards of fireworks titled 'Fireworks are More Dangerous Than You Think'.

The Dubai Police General Command has launched a campaign strived at raising awareness regarding the hazards of fireworks titled ‘Fireworks are More Dangerous Than You Think’.

The Director of Security Awareness at Dubai Police, Butti Ahmad bin Darwish Al Falasi, highlighted that this initiative reflects the eagerness of Dubai Police to safeguard children, families and societies residing in Dubai.


He further added, “Dubai Police is always ready to protect society from those who take benefit of the holy month and the joyful Eid to sell firecrackers and risk the society illegally.”

Al Falasi explained the motive behind the launch of this campaign and said that it strives to spread awareness in society regarding the risks that are linked with fireworks, capture unlicensed firecrackers, impose severe punishment on the violators, and activate communication and coordination between governmental and private institutions to fight these phenomena.

He further continued, “Through this campaign, we aim to inform parents and children about how unsafe fireworks can be as they might cause burns, temporary or permanent injuries, and can even damage property.”

Al Falasi also requested parents to cooperate with them and report companies or vendors that sell materials that may damage the community by reporting to Dubai Police Call Centre on number 901.

Under the Article 54, any person found trading in, exporting, importing or even manufacturing fireworks or getting them inside or outside of the country without an official license shall be imprisoned for almost one year, and a shall can also be imposed not less than Dh100,000 or either of the above said punishments.

Dubai Police are taking every measure to safeguard the citizens so that they can have a happy Eid, which is the holiest occasion in the community. Before the arrival of Eid Al Fitr, Dubai Police patrol various areas to ensure security and safety.



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